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Therapeutic Massages Benefits
A therapeutic massage is more than a way to pamper yourself with a little “me-time.” National and international studies continue to verify not only the physical advantages of a massage sessions, but the emotional benefits. These studies have shown the significant improvements many individuals gained after even a single massage therapy session, not to mention the monumental leaps and bounds clients received after receiving massages regularly.

1. Manage Anxiety and Depression
In the fast pace world we now live in, more and more people are unfortunately being faced with anxiety and depression. Instead of turning to countless medications which commonly come with negative side effects, many are seeking massage therapy to relieve their anxiety and depression. Massage works to soothe anxiety and depression by lowering the levels of cortisol, which is commonly known as the “stress hormone.” The reduced level of this hormone results in not only happier moods but often lower blood pressure. The relaxing ways of a massage can also have a positive effect on the neurotransmitters that are largely connected to depression, dopamine and serotonin.

2. Decrease Pain
According to, 80% of Americans have had or will experience substantial back pain in which their daily routines are affected. A study performed in 2011 found that regular massage patients with significant pain reported feeling and being able to function better than the study’s participants who did not have any massage sessions. Therapeutic massage helps alleviate pain and stiffness by soothing the muscles which will also improve the range of motion. Massage therapy has been proven to help with many bone and joint issues over a period of regular massages.

3. Better Sleep
A sufficient night of sleep is essential for your body to be healthy functioning and the quality of your sleep is crucial to one’s health and well-being. Not getting enough sleep, 8 hours a night, on a regular basis will lead to chronic insomnia that causes many different health issues. It has been estimated that over 50 million Americans suffer from significant sleep issues which have led to problems with their physical health, mental well-being, low productivity at their jobs, a slower than normal reaction time, substance abuse and long-term illnesses and diseases.
According to Health magazine, there have been several of studies that examined the correlation between quality sleep and regular massages. These studies found a correlating link that receiving massages will have a positive effect on the brains’ delta waves. These brain waves have been proven to be directly related to deep sleep.

4. Stronger Immune System
Routinely going in for a massage can offer many positive benefits outside of the relaxation that everyone loves. It has been proven that individuals who have a higher than normal levels of stress also experience a lower immune system and become ill more frequently. The combination of poor sleep, diet and high stress reduce the body’s ability to naturally fight off infections and bacteria from entering the body’s immune system.
There have been several studies that have found a positive link between massage therapy and a stronger immune system. Receiving massages can naturally help strengthen the body’s immune system’s cytotoxic capacity and reduce the amount of T-cells which improves the overall function of the immune system. In a study conducted in 2010, researchers were able to prove that massage boosted individual’s white blood cells, which assist the body in fighting off harmful diseases.

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